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As I mentioned, I made red velvet cupcakes for the boys’ 8 month birthday. They came out great! My colleague and friend, P had given me this recipe which she uses for hers.

The best time to make this was after the boys went to bed on Saturday night.  i think it takes most time to get all the ingredients together and whisk it up. I had R do the mixing till it was a smooth consistency, since I did not have a hand blender or food processor.

This is what I used –


I did not make the frosting, instead I picked up a ready made Betty Crocker’s cream cheese frosting. Also, I used the same basic recipe for the cake itself, but made them into cupcakes.

The cakes were gone in no time, since I took them to the super bowl party which had many kids! i am supposed to be watching my weight but I couldn’t resist one myself!!