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9 months

Posted on: March 7, 2012

A&A turned 9 months on Monday! Wow! I cannot believe they are already 9 months old…time has flown. I just want to hold on and not have them grow up so quickly. It is a joy to see them so full of fun and discovering new things everyday, and soon they will walking/running and talking. I cant wait for that but at the same time I am sad that this phase will be over…

Some of the milestones this month-


Aru is good night sleeper. He falls asleep while drinking his milk and we leave him in his crib in his room, and he sleeps right through till 5:30-6AM. Sometimes, he wakes up in the night, and we find it hard to put him back to sleep, but it has definitely improved. He is so cuddly and cute, and i love going to see him in the morning when he gives me the most adorable smile ever!

Adi is a good sleeper too, but he still sleeps with us in the bed. He moves around a lot, and sometimes I feel like I am going to fall off the bed! He is so cute when he throws his hand and hugs you or reaches out to find you in his sleep. I know that soon enough I will have to transition him into his crib after the grandparents leave, but that’s going to be as hard for me as for him…

I wonder how the daylight saving on Sunday this week is going to affect their schedule. And they start daycare on Monday, I am sure thats going to change up things!!

Their naps are quite good as well, they take 1 nap at 10-10:15 for 1-1.5 hours or so, and another one at 2 for about 1-1.5 hours. I hope they will stay that way when they start daycare too.


Both of them eat 3 meals a day. They are not great eaters, some days are good and other days are bad. I have heard of babies not eating store bought food, and preferring home cooked baby food. However in my case, the 2 of them love Earth’s Best Stage 1 and 2 foods. We rarely use them, but they lap it up whenever we do. It makes me feel like such a bad cook, slogging away for hours in the kitchen making gourmet baby food!!

For breakfast I do either oatmeal with apples/banana/pears/avocado. For lunch it is generally a precooked meal I prepare over the weekend and freeze. As for dinner, we do lentils which my MIL makes, or a precooked meal. Of late I have been trying to incorporate more finger foods for dinner like cheese and puffs, and will probably start vegetables like carrot, beans etc. as well. i personally don’t think they are are ready for finger food, since they seem to just swallow stuff, and act like they are choking( which totally freaks me out!).

Moving Around

Adi has mastered crawling! He is all over the place, examining lamps, plants, the home theater system, speakers, plug points, wires and what not!! He loves to hold onto things and stand up. It is scary to watch him, since he falls multiple times, and sometimes hurts himself!

We really need to baby-proof the house, and we haven’t got to it still. I am leaving it up to R to do that!

Aru is rolling from back to tummy off late (really really late.. I know!). He still doesn’t crawl or move around. His legs are quite strong, he can hold onto my hand and stand, and sway back and forth. I think he gets very frustrated when he sees Adi moving around, and tries to push himself, but he hasn’t been successful…


We have a 9 month doctor’s appointment this Friday when we will find out for sure, but I think they are both around 20 lbs.


Adi clapped for the first time this month. He crawls around and stands up. He plays with him slide and understands that if he puts the animal on top, it will slide down. He loves his books, and will laugh and talk to things in the book.

Aru claps, waves “bye bye” and shakes his head sideways when he doesnt want something. He loves playing peek-a-boo and laughs loudly and continuously when he is amused.

Wow! They will be a year in 3 months!! More fun times ahead!


In the last 2 weekends we have been to 2 parties/happy hours with the boys. Last week it was the super bowl party for which we managed to stay only till half time, since the boys had their bedtime at 8. I had a nice time at the Superbowl party, the boys had at least 3 other babies who were the exact same age as them, EXCEPT they would not sit and play with them!!! R and me had to hold each of them the whole time, since they wouldn’t even stay with anyone else without beginning to cry. I guess they are going through a needy phase…but this is really hard for me and my back. On Saturday we had a friend’s birthday where we carried them in our carriers since it would get really hard otherwise. That seemed much better since they were close to us and did not feel insecure.

One of the biggest challenges of having multiple babies is going out. You have to get 2 of them ready and the many things that are needed to get them outside, like the diaper bag, food, jackets, pacifiers, bottles… etc. etc. Especially with Adi and Aru being so clingy and needy, i don’t get to really enjoy the party as much. I don’t get to talk to people as much, eat  or drink, or stay a little longer!  I am hoping the 2 of them get over this phase quickly and i can start enjoying our outings a little more! I am not sure if daycare will help in this, but I am hoping that they see other babies, and other people more often as compared to now and become more social. R and me love going out and travelling, but we are still learning and figuring out things in that area with the boys.

But its not all bad. Yesterday our dear friends visited from PA and the boys loved them so much. They played and laughed with them, and we all had such a good time! Also, yesterday Adi did not cry in the car seat!! He actually enjoyed his outing to TJ’s a lot in spite of the bitter cold.

Our next biggest goal is going out of town with the boys and staying at another house overnight. That should be very interesting!

Adi and Aru turned 8 months old yesterday! Cant believe it! I made delicious red velvet cupcakes for their birthday and for the Superbowl party we were going to. They turned out great! Ofcourse the boys didnt get to eat them 🙂


I don’t know for sure, its been almost 2 months since we visited a doctor. But I am guessing that they will be around 20 lbs. Adi will be more like 19, and Aru will probably be 20. They are getting heavy to carry for a long time, and we use the carrier most of the time, if they need to be carried.


Both of them eat solids twice a day, cereal with fruit for breakfast and vegetables/beans/lentils for dinner.We should probably introduce a lunch soon. They no longer need the food to be a mush, and can handle gumming down any lumps or bits. They drink formula 5 times a day, and we try to get them to drink at least 28-30 ounces of formula per day.

Adi loves eating any kind of solid food. He has 2 tiny lower teeth, and he munches on everything that comes his way. He eats his cereal, and his dinner with a lot of enthusiasm. His favorite food – Lentils ( all kinds cooked with some mild Indian spices, no salt). That said, of late he hasn’t been drinking enough formula. Yesterday for instance he probably only had 15 ounces, which is almost 10 ounces lower than normal.

Aru isn’t a big fan of solid food. He likes his cereal in the mornings, but he isn’t all that interested in dinner. He does however love his formula. He will almost always finish his bottle!


Their bedtime is at 7:30PM. They each have a 6-7 ounce bottle, and some cuddle time before they fall asleep. They are my favorite time of the day, when I can hold them close and play with them, rock and cuddle them to sleep. They wake up at around 5-5:30 for good for their morning bottle. Of course, there are times when they do get up multiple times in the night.

Adi is not a great sleeper. As you probably already read in a previous post, he wont sleep in his crib. But we are trying to get him used to it slowly. He sleeps in the same room as us, and in his crib for maybe half the time in the night 🙂

Aru sleeps in the baby room, in a bassinet. He is a sound sleeper for the most part, and will sleep right through till 5.


Both of them can sit comfortably without support. They play together, and love each other’s company. Its a delight to watch them communicate with each other, and trying to grab each others toys.

Adi is still trying to figure out how to crawl. He sits on his butt and tries to jump around to get to something of interest. I wonder when he will finally figure it out. He has begun to say a lot, bah bah’s, ma ma’s and tha tha’s.

Aru is comfortable sitting, and shows no interest in going places. Wonder if he will ever crawl. He loves his jumperoo, and will grab your hands to try and stand, but that’s about it. He has a lot to say though, a lot more than the usual bah bah’s. In the last week he has started waving “Ta Ta”, sometimes even saying it!  He gets so excited when he does it, and he practices all the time!!

They are so much fun and I love them so much!!


AD hates sleeping in the crib. He will only sleep with us in the bed.He will scream bloody murder every time we put him in the crib. So, we decided that he needed to be sleep trained. Except we are terrible at it… For one, we hate it when he cries so much, and keep going into the room to pat him down, and pacify him. Second, my in-laws stay with us, and make a HUGE fuss when we let him cry for more than 2 minutes. And three, he has us figured out so well. He knows that if he screams hard enough, Mommy and Daddy will be there to soothe him. It doesn’t help that we live in a 3 bedroom apartment, and when he wakes up at 1 and screams so hard, that will wake up the neighbors.

AD hates sitting in the stroller. The past one week, he has screamed and refused to sit in the stroller. So, there goes our walks!

AD hates the car-seat. He will scream and scream, especially after twilight if he is in the car seat. Don’t know why!! I am right next to him!!!

I am not sure what to do…! Help!

P.S.- There are a lot of things he loves, and I will probably make that another post, but at the moment he has a lot of dislikes…