Our Twin Boys

Oh My!

Posted on: June 29, 2012

Its been a while since I posted!! The last few months have been a blur! Big milestones to talk about! The boys turned 1 year on June 5th! We almost bought a house( we finally DID NOT, but that’s a long story)…and we took our 1st vacation!


Cant believe my babies are already one!! It felt like just yesterday that we were rushing to the hospital when my water broke, and holding them soon after, so tiny and beautiful in my arms.  Now, Adi walks around, and Aru shows us the squirrels in the yard… They babel and scream, cry and laugh, get angry and hurt, fight and share… they are growing up so quickly!

We celebrated their 1st birthday with an outdoor party at the apartment’s pavilion. It was a HOT HOT day… almost 95 degrees, but we somehow managed to survive it! We decorated the place, ordered food from outside, got smash cakes for them and called a bunch of friends. It was a LOT of work! My SIL was able to come down from California, and it was really nice to have at least some family representation. We really missed having thier grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins! I guess we have to have another party when we go back to India!

I think the highlight of the party were the smash cakes, and how each of them approached it…Adi went all out, smashing the cake, and taking mouthfuls of it. Aru on the other hand was suspicious, as is his nature, treading slowly, before he figured it tasted yummy and he could do whatever he wanted with it…lol! It was super fun to watch them… Cleaning up all the butter and cream after this… NOT so much FUN for us!

I still have to sort thru all the pics and send them out to relatives and friends. Hopefully I can get to that this weekend.


We took our 1st official vacation a couple of weeks back to Rehobeth Beach, DE. We had some friends join us at the townhouse we all rented. It was a lot of fun and kids had a good time! They were the center of attention, and I think they have become naughtier since we returned, resorting to all sorts of mischievousness.

The house was big and spacious, facing a pretty lake. The kitchen was well-stocked, and i thought we did a really good job, grilling and cooking in the house. The only downside was that the kids fell a little sick, especially Adi, and there was one night when R and me slept for like 2 hours. That sucked! Adi had a bad case of constipation which led to a lot of pain for him, it was so difficult to watch him… we forced some juice and fluids into him, and he recovered in a day.

The beach was a little chilly, but it was so nice! the kids loved playing in the sand, though they were scared of the waves and water. Spending time and catching up with friends was great, felt like that was long due.

The only sad part of the trip was that both R and me lost our glasses, almost 700$ worth of glasses lost…Now we have to shop for 2 pairs, and that’s not something we needed at this time.


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