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So much has happened since my last post, that i dont know where to begin…! Let me just start with the big hitters!! 🙂

The kids started day-care on March 15th.  Its been quite the roller-coaster since then. For the 1st 2 weeks, the 2 of them would not drink any milk at the daycare…they would only eat some food that i sent with them. That worried me a lot since they were fairly good drinkers till then. We had to come down to giving them 1 bottle at the daycare which they would bring back almost untouched. For the past 2 days though, they have been drinking the full bottle and downing all the food i send as well. I am pretty sure they are going through a growth spurt, and I am happy that they have settled down.

Overall, Aru has adjusted fairly quickly and seems to enjoy the daycare. However Adi is still adjusting, he still cries when we drop him of in the mornings, and he took forever to sleep in the crib at the daycare. He is particularly attached to 1 of the daycare providers, L, and he keeps following her around. There was 1 time when i came in to pick them up, and Aru was busy playing, while Adi was hanging on to the chair on which L was sitting and feeding another baby. It was quite funny and sad…

In the last few weeks, the kids have already been through stomach bug and 2 colds, 1 of which came with fever. I even had to take a day off, to take care of them when Aru was down with a fever.

In addition to them starting daycare, my in-laws left for California on March 22nd, so now its just the 4 of us, which means R and me have to do everything around the house!! We have been managing okay so far, its just that you cannot fall behind EVER, or you will be trying to play catch up for a while!!! Its been after almost a year that we are now finally without any parents staying with us…!!

Another big one this month – We went on our 1st overnight trip away from home with the kids last weekend, and we all did great!! We went to B&V’s house in PA who are almost family to us, and overall it was a successful and fun trip! I am so looking forward to warmer weather when we can travel more.

One of the awesomest( I know.. that’s not a word..!) thing that happened last week was that R landed a JOB!! I am so thrilled and happy and excited…! Now we can start planning the next phase of our lives which is buying a house and settling down!! 🙂